Religion’s conversation with Science

Overheard on a backwater planet: · “The Bible is the literal word of God.” · “All right… How does it start?” · “6,000 years ago, God created the universe.” · “Sorry old chap, don’t mean to contradict you, but the universe was created 14 billion years ago, as evidenced by the cosmic background radiation.” · […]

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Never Turn Back the Hands of time!

Did you ever hear someone say, “if only I could go back in time, knowing everything I know now”? Ever thought it would be great to be young again and start over? Perhaps as an eighties lover you like to sing If I Could Turn Back Time. Maybe you regret every sorry, misinformed action you […]

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6 Ways we can Make Democracy Better

Democracy is good, right? Well, it’s complicated. Because of the tremendous scope for corruption, not all democracy is equally good. It’s a topic that bears much discussion, but for now, here are six ways we can immediately improve our democracy:   1. Education “Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to […]

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The “Brexit” Referendum: a Miscarriage of Democracy

An article in the New Statesman this week suggested that to believe in democracy meant believing that the vote of the majority was always wiser than that of the individual. Which is a nice thought, if disastrously utopian. According to this outlook, democracy is actually some kind of zeitgeist communism in which, each holding a piece of […]

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An open letter on Brexit & Entropy

Our universe is guided by the laws of high entropy – that rule by which things tend to go from a state of order to a state of chaos. A glass can be knocked off a table and smash into a million pieces, but you’ll never hear of a pile of shards being nudged, only […]

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The Cogent Case for Agnosticism

There are three little words I love to hear. Three words that have the power to bestow transcendence. Words that are tacitly responsible for all the progress of humanity, that fill the heart with joy and wonder. Three words that humble the speaker and lift the listener. Three little words: “I don’t know.” Hi, my […]

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How an Abandoned Kitten taught me about the Value of Life

(originally published on 23/07/2015) Let me tell you about the day I had yesterday. When I woke up in the morning, bleary eyed, and made my way, zombie-like through the house, Jacky, my girlfriend was still in the living room, getting ready to leave for work. I’m a freelance teacher, and during these summer months […]

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